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NongBu Korean Eatery opened with the mission to re-introduce traditional Korean food to Edmontonians.  From its conception, NongBu wanted to fill a void in the Korean food offerings in our city.  Our goal is to curate a menu consisting of traditional Korean dishes not commonly found in the local Korean food scene along with well known Korean staples.   Korean street food, Korean comfort food and Korean Anju (Food served with liquor) all have a place in our small but focused menu. 


At NongBu, we prepare all our dishes using only the best and freshest ingredients available to us. We do not add flavour additives or MSG into any of our food.  We believe traditional Korean cooking should be fresh and healthy.  We source some crucial elements of our cuisine directly from Korea to offer unique flavours that cannot be achieved using commercially available products.  It is our philosophy to cook as we would for our families and guests at home.  Each dish is thoroughly thought out and recipes are created to achieve a balance of the diverse flavours and textures found in Korean cuisine.  


NongBu wants to expand on what people already know about Korean culture. It is not just a traditional dining experience but a complete cultural experience.  The space we designed is minimalistic and industrial space, reminiscent of many modern restaurants in Korea.  The music we play is a diverse collection of old and new music from every genre to highlight that there is more to the Korean music scene than K-pop . Vintage movies are projected onto a large wall to showcase Korea’s long history in film. 


It is our desire to have our guests leave every NongBu experience happy, full and little more knowledgeable about our little country.

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