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KIMBAP (Korean Rice Rolls)


Nongbu Kimbap   꼬마김밥 

Pickled radish, carrots, asparagus, shiitake  mushrooms and rice rolled in laver seaweed.

JEON (Korean Pancakes)


Cheese Ramyun Jeon    

Ramyun noodles and cheddar cheese pancake with spicy mayo dip 

KimChi Jeon   김치전 

Kimchi and chive pancakes.  


Seafood Pajeon  해물파전 

Korean Pancake loaded with Shrimp, squid, and green onions.

Don’t forget to order a bottle of Makguli with your pancake. Makguli (a light Korean rice wine) is the traditional pairing for Jeon




Spicy Ddukbbokki  매운떡볶이

Rice cakes and fishcakes in a spicy sauce. Traditional street fare  


Fried Ddukbbokki  기름떡볶이  

Lighty fried rice cakes in a sweet and spicy garlic sauce. Vegetarian


Honey Butter DdukBboKki 허니버터떡볶이 

Lightly fried ricecakes smothered in honey & butter. Vegetarian & gluten fr




Most Korean rice dishes like Deopbaps and Bibimbaps are meant to be mixed well in the bowl before eating.


KimChi Fried Rice (KimChi BoKumBap) 김치볶음밥

Kimchi and porkbelly fried with rice and topped with a fried egg.


Bibimbap 비빔밥

Seasoned vegetables, beef and egg on rice. Served with gochujang sauce

Vegetarian Bibimbap 비빔밥

Vegetables and mushrooms on rice. Served with gochujang sauce  GF V 


Butter Bulgogi Deopbap 버터불고기덮밥

Thinly shaved beef with shiitake and onions in buttery bulgogi sauce. Served on rice and topped with an egg.


3 Mushroom Japchae  버섯잡채

Shiitake, woodear & white mushrooms with vegetables and sweet potato noodles.  Vegetarian  (Can be made gluten free)


Beef Japchae  소고기잡채

Beef and vegetables with sweet potato noodles.


JjimDak  찜닭

Chicken and vegetables with sweet potato noodles in a sweet and savoury soy.


O-Sam Noodles 오삼볶음면

Squid and porkbelly with ramyum noodles in a sweet soy sauce

Korean Doshirak 

Korean egg, fried kimchi and eggs on rice

Odeng Tang

Fishcakes in a light broth




A bowl of rice and ssam (lettuce wraps) are an essential part of a Korean meal. Don’t forget to add them!


BulGoGi  불고기

Thinly sliced beef with mushrooms, onions, carrots and cabbage.


Fire Chicken (Buldak) 불닭

Chicken, vegetables, Korean sweet potato, rice cakes, and perilla.


KimChi Jjim (Kimchi Pork Belly) 김치찜

Pork belly- stewed with Kimchi. (Can be made gluten free)


Pork Bulgogi (Pork Belly) 돼지불고기

Porkbelly panfried in a sweet and spicy sauce  (Can be made gluten free)

Ojinguh Bokum (Spicy Squid)

Panfried squid and vegetables in sweet and spicy sauce

Spicy O-Sam

Porkbelly and squid panfried in spicy sauce and perilla 


Make it a Ssam (Lettuce Wrap)

Green leaf lettuce,  fresh garlic, serrano peppers and our very special SsamJang. 

SHARING PLATES and JEONGOL (serves 2 - 3)

Spicy O-Sam

Porkbelly and squid panfried in spicy sauce and perilla 

Budae Jjigae

Military stew. Bacon, spam and sausage combined with Korean spices and ramyun noodles. 

Bulgogi Jeongol

Beef bulgogi hotpot with sweet potato noodles and rice cakes.



Spicy pork neck and potato soup



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